Friday, January 19, 2007

Now I can

Right. I made some software that made Lead article in the Reuters UK Internet Section!


*beams smugly*

Sure its not perfect, and there's no end of improvements to the design, but we're getting there.

There was a minor hiccup with the release, but that soon got sorted. Thank you Reuters. Thank you IMRG. Thank you folks at Textic.

Thanks Hugh Huddy at the RNIB for these kind words:

"RNIB welcomes the accessibility features offered by the Safe and Sound Toolbar. When added to a well designed website, the toolbar offers useful features for users who may otherwise find websites difficult to use, such as having selected sections of the content read out in easily understandable human-sounding speech. Every day, inaccessible website design prevents people with disabilities from using the Web and shopping online. Accessible design means more customers."

Who rightly underlines the need for accessible design...

Thanks Tesco for this:

“I am delighted that the online retail industry has endorsed the ISIS Safe and Sound toolbar. Such technologies combined with the power of the Internet give disabled people true independence, and allows our industry to reach out to a potential 1.8 million customers who may not be able to visit a physical store. With this technology, everyone wins.” Nick Lansley, Tesco

Thanks to my mum, my dog, my milkeman. The guy who says 'Hi' when I get my coffee in the morning. Thank you to....

Sorry. I'm getting carried away aren't I.

Anyway. Its made me happy.

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