Sunday, January 14, 2007

Helping Hand Take 3

So, that was better received (do leave comments please :).

But looks like the 'thumbs up' gesture. And that ain't good, coz Iranians and Russians may take offence! So....


PAT said...

OK - so now I'm getting rather rude suggfestions as to what this may symbolize...

Mybe another redraw is needed.

linen said...

I think you're taking it at too much of an angle. You might want to change the angle. Maybe, even, take it from the other angle (from the outside of the hand.) Or, take it from a more vertical angle (so it looks like you're on the ground.)
Although, a previous poster said this idea of being 'on the ground' could be patronizing. So, it's not that you want people to feel you're helping them 'up', but simply just there by their 'side.' So, a side angle is probably the best, but you should maybe try and take it from a different angle.
Not sure why you made the arm more blue... I don't think that's necessary?

oil painting reproduction said...

Here are some suggestions:
1. Avoid too much focus on your subject as the meaning becomes too limited.
2. Would you like to try a little abstract?
3. Do not take things literally so you can have a wider and better approach on things.