Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Gadget For Xmas

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I just made this Google Gadget.

I should be relaxing right? Anyway, I see this getting some serious development sometime in the new year.

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It adds the Talklets toolbar to your Google homepage. I'm looking into ways of implementing on other Google pages and applications, as well as deeper integration with things like Gmail, which currently will work if in HTML mode, but not default mode (if useing the toolbar or bookmarklet - see Installing Talklets for individuals ).

Epecialy as its Beta, please leave comments on what you think, and what you'd like to see altered/added...
Bugs can be reported below, but preferebly to

Have a great one everyone!




baby said...

That's great. I think Talklets is a great application, and I'm rooting for it's growth; I really want to see it grow and become more widely used. There are just too few websites that focus correctly on accessibility, especially those who are visually impaired etc. In my opinion, there should be a 'one size fits all' approach : and that size, or that approach, is to make your site completely accessible just in the way that the site itself works. It's like designing a mall with ramps for wheelchairs; but making the ramps as part of the design, and not just an 'added' functionality.

Framed Art paintings said...

This is really interesting. I haven’t used Talklets before but I’m really eager to see how will it benefit my Internet-based endeavors. Do you have any link to some great articles that discuss the benefits of Talklets?