Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm sick :(

Not in the head you understand. Well... OK in the head. But, I'm focussing on the blinding pain in my stomach right now. Its hard not to.

The folks came down this weekend. We'd got them tickets to Spamalot. Ali (the wife), Jess (our wee one), Mum and Dad, all went while I huddled up in pain on the bed. Which is where I am now.

The Doc is convinced that it's not gallstones. I'm not so convinced. The pain killers I've been given a VERY strong though. I'm used to pain. Had bone fragments floating in both knees for at least 5 years, I've had injuries playing rugby etc... But the only thing that real compares to this (when its bad) is a dislocated jaw (which I've had the pleasure of experiencing twice). You see the muscle and tendons in your jaw (well not in it, attached to it) are ridiculously strong. So if your jaw gets out of place, those tendons will still keep pulling your jaw up, clamped to whatever's nearest. And if that's not some nice cartilage joint, it'll be bone, tendons, and nerves. It about the same as having someone go to work on your face with a pair of pliers. The only difference is, that torturures know when to stop. But it could easily take hours before you get your jaw repositioned.

Well its not quite that bad. But having experienced that twice, I feel fairly well qualified to discuss pain. And this hurts. So my guess is gallstones.

But hey, you don't want to know about that I'm sure.

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